What is AHYDRA?

Automating Hydraulic Analysis (AHYDRA) is a freeware application that automates features from hydraulic software such as HEC - RAS. It is intended to ease the task of sensitivity and uncertainty analysis in water related studies

Why to use it?

The basic data needed to calculate hydraulic profiles of a channel are the discharge, channel geometry, water elevation at a control section and channel roughness. Discharge is a given data and the channel geometry is obtained by measurements. Usually the water elevation at control section (boundary condition) and channel roughness are unknown and have to be estimated by indirect ways.

Although there are different approaches for those data, they are just suggestions and incorporate an error. The best approach is to perform a sensitivity analysis, and if needed an uncertainty analysis.  Although the task of updating such data is a simple one, when repeated many times (sensibility and uncertainty) it may become a tedious and time consuming task.

Check the videos

Example of the influence of boundary condition
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